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DISNEY - epcot
I've been back working for Disney for about 2 weeks now. Officially, that is, as in 'on stage'. I got through the week where you sign your life away and then go to Traditions, which has changed slightly and now Mickey comes to visit in person!

Getting back to the Rose and Crown felt very surreal at first. Same place, different faces. But I'm getting to know lot of them now and getting along with them all well.

Started on chippy, wearing the god awful hat, and found out that a lot of people seem to quite enjoy being in there. I don't get it. I don't remember anyone liking chippy. Again - surreal.

Podium week was fun. Like my last week all over again!

Took of my ears and now can be fully fledged, though I'm training on beer cart this coming week and then getting to assign again. I'm still hoping to take pre-service by the end of the month and try to push to get in sooner. We have a lot of newbies, podium is going to be stacked and they want people to get into service. I don't see why I shouldn't be allowed to go for it if people want to hang back! We'll see.

My interest has also been noted in training to be GT, but that will be dependent on when I go into service, but at least that interest also means I'll get to have a proper chat with management about it. So long as I'm in service for Candlelight I'll be happy. If I extend, I'll still get a full year in service and that's a good thing.

Still haven't been to Animal Kingdom. No idea why not. Actually, I suppose it's because Studios is next door to Epcot, Epcot is where I work... and MK is where you go to 'properly' do disney. Universal and IOA pass is already bought.

I haven't gone near sea world yet though. Not sure when I will, actually. Also not sure if it's worth getting the annual pass for it as I just don't spend a lot of time there, but then... bands, brew and bbq in the spring.... if they get good acts and I get the time to go see them then it might be worth it. And I'll get in the odd trip down to Tampa to go to Busch Gardens. Still undecided on the effort to go through to Legoland though!


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